A Crystal Clear Approach.

Hallett Homes’ collaborative approach allows us to build genuine relationships with our homeowners. We journey together, as we strive to offer you the resources and support you need every step of the way. Take a glimpse of everything you have to look forward to with Hallett Homes.

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Hallett Homes’ Homeowner Relation section provides important information at every stage of the experience so that your future home looks and feels as if it was made by you; our interactive Mortgage Calculator offers you transparency and peace of mind in your purchase. Regardless of what part of the home process you are in, we strive to offer our home-buyers peace of mind in their journey home.

We build more than just homes – we’re building relationships, accompanying our clients on their journey home.


"This is my second home from Hallett Homes. I bought a townhouse as an investment (Winston End) in the Glen Abbey neighbourhood and a detached Vanderbilt for myself that my family and I adore. I am really delighted with every part of my new house purchase. The sales, design, location, trades, and building teams were all competent and friendly, making the total experience exceptional. The home layout was meticulously planned and fits perfectly for my growing family. Buying a new home might be intimidating, but the staff at Hallett make you feel like a member of the family! A special thanks to Krista and Susan, who have been fantastic contacts throughout the process."

- Kelpesh Mistry

I recently purchased a home from Hallett Homes in Oakville, and I couldn't be more pleased with the entire experience. From the beginning stages of planning to the closing date last year, the Hallett Homes team has consistently exceeded my expectations. From the initial discussions about floor plans to the final walk-through, every step of the process was handled with the utmost care and attention to detail. The quality of craftsmanship in my new home is outstanding, and I can see the level of dedication Hallett Homes puts into ensuring that their properties are not just houses but homes that people can cherish. What sets Hallett Homes apart is not just the quality of their homes but also the exceptional customer service they provide. The staff is friendly, knowledgeable, and always willing to go the extra mile to make the home buying process smooth and stress-free. I highly recommend Hallett Homes to anyone looking for a reliable and reputable builder in Oakville. My experience has been nothing short of fantastic, and I'm grateful to have chosen Hallett Homes for my new home. Thank you, Hallett Homes, for making my dream home a reality!

- Arsalan Afzal

"I wanted to take a moment to express my appreciation for the work that your team has done for our home. The quality speaks for itself. It is evident that your craftsmanship and expertise are unmatched. We are genuinely grateful for the outstanding work you have done, and we feel fortunate to have chosen you as our builder. Not only have you demonstrated a remarkable level of professionalism, but your responsiveness and willingness to address any concerns have been truly impressive (thanks to Susan and her team). We are genuinely grateful for your support and are looking forward to when all construction is finalized. I look forward to working with Hallett Homes in near future again."

- Manisha Aswal

"My experience with Susan and the Hallett Homes team was outstanding. From the communications regarding an up coming PDI to after we completed the PDI. The Entire process was very well planned, communicated and executed. I learned a few things along the way. I hope all other builders or other teams get a sense of the amazing work you do."

- Deepak Kumar

"Jake and I have been very pleased with Hallett Homes and the Homeowner Relations Department. Hallett has gone above our expectations in terms of preconstruction. This was the first time we purchased a home via preconstruction and was fairly nervous especially because of the horror stories we had heard from our friends about other developers. The Hallett team have all done exceptional work on site and in our home. You have been a wonderful communicator which is important to us. The home we received is beautiful and will probably be the most gorgeous home we ever live in. Your workmanship has been 10/10 and we love everything from the look, design, finishes to functionality of the home. My hope for Hallett is that you continue to grow in the housing industry. Your competitive advantage is the care and time you take on the homes you put your name on. I wish Hallett all the best!"

- Jake How and Maggie Woo

"Susan, Leah and Chantal have been a joy to work with. They are always one call away to address my questions and concerns. Their guidance made the complex process of building your home easy and enjoyable. Grateful for this amazing team. I recommend :)"

- Henry He

"What we enjoy the most about our home is the large, open-concept kitchen and family room, as well as the granite kitchen island offered to us at no additional cost. We felt as though we were buying and designing a custom home. Ben and his team were on site during the move-in period and immediately addressed any immediate concerns we had. Our home exceeded all our expectations and as we approached our one-year anniversary, we have found very few minor deficiencies. We would not hesitate to purchase another home from Ben if the opportunity ever presented itself in the future."

- Shamim Panchbhaya and Faizal Dawjee

"Purchasing this home allowed us to gain a beautiful, detached house in a desired area, and gave our family space to grow. The layout is well thought-out with very little unusable space, and the house itself is built well with careful attention to detail and exceptional luxurious finishes. Each and every person we dealt with at Hallett Homes was caring, professional and attentive. We are extremely happy with our new home – it was exactly as promised, if not better! A big thank you to Ben and the team for a job very well done. You built our dream home!"

- Bassel and Soura Channaa

Awards & Recognition.

2023 Best Single-Detached House Design, Large – Glen Abbey Encore Phase 3 “Remmington”
2020 Best Home Interior Rendering, Low-Rise – Encore Glen Abbey (Kitchen/Living)
2020 Best Single Detached House Design, Large – Encore Glen Abbey “Regent”

2023 New Homes Awards Finalist – Best Attached Low-Rise Home over 1,800 sq ft – Glen Abbey Encore, “Kempton”

2023 Silver Award - Best Website for a Builder

2023 Best Website Hallett Homes Corporation
2023 Best Sales Office – Joshua Creek Montage 
2022 Best Bathroom in a Home 3500 sq ft or Over – Glen Abbey Encore “Regent”
2022 Best Kitchen in a Home 3500 sq ft or Over – Glen Abbey Encore “Vanderbilt”
2021 Best Kitchen in a Home 2000 sq ft to 3500 sq ft – Glen Abbey Encore “Bradshaw”
2021 Best Single-Family Home 2000 sq ft to 3500 sq ft – Glen Abbey Encore “Bradshaw”
2021 Best Single-Family Home 3500 sq ft or Over – Glen Abbey Encore “Chadwick”
2021 Best Kitchen in a Home 3500 sq ft or Over – Glen Abbey Encore “Camden”
2021 Best Bathroom in a Home 3500 sq ft or Over – Glen Abbey Encore “Camden”
2021 Best Sales Office Hallett Homes – Glen Abbey Encore 
2020 Best Single-Family Home 3500 sq ft or Over – Glen Abbey Encore “Aubrey”
2020 Best Décor Design Centre – Glen Abbey Encore